Never owned but have driven one

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I don't own a mustang and because of gas prices and the need for a family car I don't think that I will any time soon. I have driven one on two ocassions and they were both rentals. One I actually rented on vacation for 3 days just to see what it was like. The other was for business as the rental agency goofed and grabbed the wrong keys but let me take it any way for the same price. I do love this car and had so much fun driving it. The only thing that I didn't like was that because I'm a big guy the driver's area was a bit cramped for me.

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As long as your not sitting in the back seat you should be okay. :) I am tall myself and have had issues before but never in a mustang. Do you know what model you were driving?

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My stepson has a 78 Mustang King Cobra and i got to drive it 3 times. can't remember how many miles are on it. Redish Orange in color. bumper inserts need replaced , hard to find. tried to find thru John Clor. not a bad find on Ebay.

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My 78 King handles like a slot car and after the T-5 transplant holy crap did that wake her up enjoy …

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I bought a black King Cobra new in 78. Owned it for 15 years. Car went through many iterations. First change was headers and 4bbl and swap to 14 inch wheels/tires after warranty ran out. Being young and stupid, the car evolved every year. When I finally sold the car in 93 it was tubbed, back half chassis, full roll cage, 351C with tunnel ram and two 4bbls. Car was done in Pro Street fashion, street legal. Was running 5.38 gears with a spool and narrowed 9 inch and 35 spline summers axles. Never drove the car in the winter. Last time I saw the car, it was a full chassis with a 427 tunnel port engine and a lenco. Car was still street legal, with all original sheet metal still. Never wrecked. I painted the car black cherry with original stripe kit back in 84. Never took many pics of the car, back then taking pictures was like work.