Ford Taurus SHO Convention 22 Track Day

Posted: 38 weeks 1 day ago
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The second day of the Ford Taurus SHO Convention 22 took place on the High Plains Raceway in Colorado. It was located about 60 miles east of Denver and was easy to reach. The track is beautiful and not flat it has a rolling terrain and has several elevation changes of up to 70 feet and is on a 460 acre site but the racetrack itself is only 55 acres.

All most everyone made it out to the track that day but a few did not feel the urge to hit the track. It was a open track day so we had a few other cars join in besides all the Ford Taurus SHO's and the Mustang BOSS 302, a Corvette Z06 showed up and a modified racing corvette also showed up for tuning. It was a great day and the temperature was perfect.

The SHO Convention 22 crew was at the track form early in the morning to late into the afternoon. I was able to get tons of pictures. Overall the SHO Convention 22 was just amazing and I am honored to be a part of the convention as the official photographer.

Article & Pictures By: Brett Levin Facebook Page: Website:


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