The Man: In 1999, after scaring a car salesman with a few burn-outs on a routine test drive in San Diego, Jason knew he was hooked on the Ford Mustang. After a few months of looking, the day finally came when he found a dark forest green 94 GT coupe with the 5.0 engine. This was going to be the foundation of a project that would continue for years to come.

Attending college during the height of the dot com boom, it sparked his attention on creating simple websites that featured his car and the modifications he had performed. Creating these hobby websites lead to an idea that one day grew into his first internet business. The website featured tourism photography for the local college town but whenever possible he would make sure to have his car placed discretely in the shots -kinda “Where's Waldo” effect.

After 6 years in the internet business he and his partners decided to sell the company and move on. But it wasn't long after the business was sold did the “itch” strike him again. He had been following several Ford related websites that hadn't changed much in design and functionality in years so he decided to create his own. In the fall of 2005 while holding a day job he began planning for a project called “”

Over a year and half in the making and many hard decisions whether to put money into his car or the website, that was finally released in the Winter of 2006. The second internet business was born and since that time has grown from a simple photo blog into a full fledged web community with tools and features that rival the biggest social networks. is quickly growing into the Premier Website For Ford Enthusiasts and we'd like to thank all our sponsors who have supported us and continue to support us over the years.

Site Credits: The current version of the website was launched in August of 2009. In addition to an entirely new design, the site features standards-compliant markup, and renders more accurately across multiple platforms and browser versions. (We recommend you use Firefox to browse the web.) Many thanks go to Petr Vacha for the overall design.

The Technology: This site is powered by Drupal, a powerful and flexible CMS solution. The site is hosted on a VPS by Linode. It was built using the following tools:

Adobe Photoshop (for graphics and polishing)

Komodo IDE (for coding and development)

Firebug (for tweaking stylesheets and testing)

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