2009 Ford Mustang, "The Mistress"

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Qtr Mile Time: 14.37 Seconds
Qtr Mile Speed: 94.0 MPH
Displacement: 4.0 L


Suspension & Drivetrain Mods:

About Ride

Ride Status: Currently Own
Purchased: 2012

How did you acquire your ride?

I happened to be looking online for used mustangs and came across The Mistress.

What drew you to it when you bought it?

It was priced right, the color, the fact it was a 45th anniversary car.

What do you feel like when you drive it?

I am always getting enjoyment out of cruising around in my mustang.

What would you change about your car, if anything?

Could always use more power, maybe go from a automatic to a manual transmission with a limited slip rear end.

What is your dream accessory for it and why?

Dream accessory would be a supercharger. You always have a want for more power and having the extra power would give The Mistress that much more of a fun factor.