1971 Ford Ranchero, "Ranch"

Listed by Stephen Barger
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Horsepower: 400 HP
Displacement: 351.0 L

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How did you acquire your ride?

This car was my older brother's car he had it a number of years and was in the process of the build. He shaved the door handles, added the gas door, frenched in the antenna, wielded the tail gate shut, built a roll pan, and frenched the tag in. Then he found out he had skin cancer so the work stopped. Two or so years later the cancer took him. We had to get one of his friend's to put it back together enough to so we could pick it up and bring it back to Georgia. He was 30 at the time I was 17 or 18 the car had to wait for close to 18 years until I had time and money to work and make something out of it. Now roughly two years later it is getting close to being done. It has been a long journey but one of love and memory of a big brother that could build anything dealing with a car.