2006 Ford Mustang GT, "Mustang"

Listed by Mark Lenczyk
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Horsepower: 345 HP
0-60: 5.0 Seconds
Qtr Mile Time: 13.1 Seconds
Qtr Mile Speed: 104.52 MPH
Torque: 360.0 ft.
Displacement: 281.0 L


Suspension & Drivetrain Mods:

Styling Mods:

About Ride

Ride Status: Currently Own
Purchased: 2011

How did you acquire your ride?

Parents bought my 06 Mustang GT for me as my first car when I was 16. I did good in school, never got in trouble, and they wanted to get me something I would enjoy and take care of.

What drew you to it when you bought it?

Always loved muscle cars and was drawn towards mustangs. I dreamed of having one and got lucky enough for that dream to come true.

What do you feel like when you drive it?

Its always a good time when driving my Mustang, makes me feel good.

What would you change about your car, if anything?

If I had the means it would be great to do a lot to it as I enjoy modding it. I'd definitely add more power, different wheels, tires, brakes, looks stuff. If I didn't have a budget I'd probably do a built motor, tranny, rear end, interior stuff, and well pretty much everything, but honestly I'm pretty happy with how it is. I'm lucky enough to have it, its runs great, on 87 octane even, and does everything well.

What is your dream accessory for it and why?

Probably a supercharger for all that instant power with reliability, would be great.

Any other general ride info to share?

This is my daily driver, but I try to take care of it the best I can, keeping it clean and safe and not just beating on it. I also have other mods than what's listed since the options are limited. Full mod list is Bama performance tune, airaid cold air intake, steeda billet delete plates, sr performance underdrive pulleys, pypes violator axle back exhaust, gt500 take off shocks and struts with steeda heavy duty camber plates and steeda sport springs.