2014 Ford Mustang GT, "Silver streak "

Listed by Aaron Elliott
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Displacement: 5.0 L

About Ride

Ride Status: Currently Own

How did you acquire your ride?

Found her at a dealership just sitting there waiting to be purchased

What drew you to it when you bought it?

The ingot silver, 6spd and 5.0 v8 kinda drug me in

What do you feel like when you drive it?

It's my dream car, so i feel like I'm driving a beast. Even though it's stock it still makes me feel like a bad ass with all the power it has lol

What would you change about your car, if anything?

I would like to change the rims, intake, exhaust, add louvers, and put the California special spoiler on it

What is your dream accessory for it and why?

A supercharger is my dream add on for the car :)