1998 Ford Mustang GT, "Blanca"

Listed by tonio m.m.
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Horsepower: 263 HP
0-60: 4.6 Seconds
Qtr Mile Time: 13.3 Seconds
Qtr Mile Speed: 117.6 MPH
Torque: 287.0 ft.
Displacement: 4.6 L


Suspension & Drivetrain Mods:

About Ride

Ride Status: Currently Own
Purchased: 2012

How did you acquire your ride?

I worked all summer and saved every penny in high school and towards the end I found her a couple of block away from my house and paid cash.

What drew you to it when you bought it?

I seen it and thought she deserved better and i knew immediately what I had planned for her.

What do you feel like when you drive it?

Now that I have her running and in great condition it feels peaceful when i need and completely in control.

What would you change about your car, if anything?

The only thing I can think of is the wheel and maybe someday a Coyote or Lightning Swap.

What is your dream accessory for it and why?

My dream accessory are Bullit wheels Just to finish off the classic muscle look I'm going for.

Any other general ride info to share?

Everything done to her has been done by me because i don't want any other person to be responsible to what goes on with her.