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Lets see, I am a Colorado native born and raised and still living here. I did a 4 year tour in Germany for the Army and I loved it over there, actually wanted to stay there. But I had to come home cause the Army wouldnt let me stay there. I am married and between the 2 of us we have 6 kids and 5 grand kids. I bought my 2002 Ranger last April on Ebay and it was totally stock so in the last 6 months I have built it to what you see today. My 98 ranger I bought new and it has been a long project that I actually havent worked on this year. My 57 F-100 I got from my dad and have had it for 13 years and havent worked on it in the last two years except for buying a ton of new stuff for it so this next year I can finish it. And my 05 Focus I bought it new. I have done a few little mods to cause my wife drives it daily. I have worked for the US Government for the last 18 years and hopefully will retire from them in another 12 years.I think this covers pretty much all the genberal stuff, anything else just ask.