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I'm an NRA member and support the right to keep and bear arms also I believe in Asatru. I grew up in Charlotte North Carolina near Mint hill.I have been into rock n roll ,rockabilly music since the 1997 when I started listening to Elvis then Jerry lee Lewis and other rockabilly bands that were around. this laid the foundations for me to listen to more original artists from people like Eddie Cochran to bands that I listen to today including : Roy Orbison,Johnny cash the list goes on because there are so many good bands around at the moment.Love my family,also love music but not mainstream it has to be rockabilly ,Blues ,or 90's.interested in all things from the 1950s.Favorite musicians are Jerry lee,Elvis, Eddie Cochran or anyone that makes me crank up the volume. If you have an passion for rockabilly music or the lifestyle I would love to hear from ya

I am a student looking for any true job like farming woodwork Blacksmith ,.I am an Asatruar. I believe in and follow the reconstruction of the indigineous religion of Northern Europe, called Asatru . I love History, Rockabilly, Filming.Right Now I have finish My First Script I was also a High school theater student so I have acting In my background.Also I was In the high school video Club.I even try running for school Secretary. I played Rugby for my high school for a while.also I have Some auto skill in my younger days.I have ridden a bull before and I use to ride Horse's so I can guess you can call me old Fashion and I am Happy engaged to a beautiful sweet woman