Eh? What's this?

Eh? What's this?
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This is the original dealer tag. Roewardt-Thomson was (is no longer) the dealer that originally sold the car. The goofy some-backwards letters and some-forwards letters was their…trademark…I guess. When the car's previous owner restored the exterior, they decided to put the dealer tag back on it because it was such a conversation piece. At shows, some people don't notice– but a lot of observant folks catch it and ask about it. At one show, I had been away from the car for awhile– when I returned, I found a crowd of 8 or 10 people at the back of it, looking down at the trunk lid. My first thought was that there was something wrong, but it turned out that they were all puzzled about the dealer tag. Some people assume ALL the letters are backwards, just because SOME are.


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