This Monster truck really shakes,raddles with loud noise vibration

This Monster truck really shakes,raddles with loud noise vibration
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reducing noise and vibration, Noise & Vibration Damping for Cars, Vans, Trucks.A polymer coating for all outdoor applications, specifically cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles,this coating can be applied by brush, roller, or sprayed on with a special spray-gun for air compressors or an airless paint sprayer. The advanced viscoelastic properties allow the coating actually absorb noise and vibration, rather than just block it .By absorbing vehicle body vibration, engine and road noise can be reduced by up to 20dB, depending on vehicle and application. This can make, for instance, subwoofers sound 3dB louder (the same as doubling the power!)The more you apply (underside, inside under carpets, wheel wells, engine compartment walls, trunk etc.), and the thicker you apply, the more noise will be absorbed. One Gallon will cover about 40 square feet for good noise reduction, and about 20 square feet for best noise reduction. A typical car will use 2–5 gallons to quiet entirely, sometimes more if there are more surfaces to cover. However, you may coat specific areas of concern, such as the trunk or door panels, or floors with 1 to 2 gallons total. See the product application for more details


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