New Ford guy from Southern CA

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I am a lifelong Ford fanatic. Have always owned Fords and always will. No GM cars are allowed on my property. Came across this site and decided to join today.

My daily driver is a modified Lightning. Also in my garage is a CSX4000 Series Shelby Cobra. Has an orginal SOHC crate motor (number 367), at 12.5:1 CR though open sidepipes and sounds flat-out nasty.

Shelby performed the engineering to tranplant the SOHC beast into the Cobra.

I added it as a New Ride and included a link that details the build process.

Regards to all.

CSX4786 Shelby Cobra – original SOHC crate motor with Ford and Holman-Moody serial numbers on the block. Modified 2003 DSG Lightning as daily driver

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Welcome. Doug from Charleston, SC.

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Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing your ride!