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Newbie here from Western North Carolina, Asheville to be exact. I'm probably going to tell you more here than you ever wanted to know but here's my store! I've been a Ford girl for life, first car was a 1974 Pinto, learned how to drive on Ole Bessie and drove her until she had 200,000+ and then sold her to my cousin who hit 350,000 in her.

Next was a 1980 Mustang, Tar Heel. He was my baby! Had him until a cracked block put him down. Couldn't afford to get him fixed, sold him to a friend of a friend who made him all better and the last I knew he was still on the road. That was a beautiful car!

Tar Heel gave way to a 1988 Mercury Tracer hatchback, Tracey. I actually really liked this car! She was unfortunately totaled in an accident on I-40 in Winston Salem. Brakes went out and I ran 65 mph in to the guardrail to stop from running under a stopped tractor trailer. Was lucky that I walked away without a scratch but Tracey was a goner.

Was away from the Ford family for a few years (1995 Dodge Neon that was nothing but TROUBLE!). Traded that piece of junk in on a brand new 1999 Escort, White Shadow, my first brand new car. Drove her off the lot with only 6 miles on the speedometer. Unfortunately, I got married and my new hubby and I decided that we could live with one car so we sold White Shadow in favor of his larger, more practical Taurus (at least it was another Ford!) When the Taurus finally died after several transmissions a a little more work and needing even more work that we just couldn't afford, we went away from the Ford family and had several Jeeps, a Volkswagen, and a Kia (BTW, the Kia was the WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!!!!!) We still have the last Jeep, a 2006 Liberty that I actually really like, but had decided to get me a run around car. Well, after I finally got fed up with the Korean hunk of junk, I went out and found someone that would give me close enough to what we owed so that I could get a loan to get me a new Ford! I decided that I wanted to go back to the Blue Oval and that was that. I really, desperately wanted and tried to get a Mustang but couldn't qualify so now I am the VERY proud owner of a 2012 Focus SE hatchback. I am falling more and more in love with this car every day, but I will one day have my Mustang, It will be a while though so, in the meantime, I am going to enjoy driving this Focus. She is a really great ride, very fun to drive, handles great, and is getting great gas mileage!

Anyway, if you've actually made it this far I have probably bored you to tears! Back to your regularly schedule posting, and Long Life Ford!

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Nice story, welcome to the site! Look forward to seeing your Ford photos