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Hey y'all. I don't even know how I got to this site, Oh from Turtle Wax on Facebook. Was going to get something free !! lol !! I live in FL so it's too hot to do anything now, be back on the local car show circuit in October maybe. Turkey Run in Nov. Anyway, good to see y'all. Laters !! Oh, my Ford? '56 Customline Victoria, 272, three on da tree. Rescued it from Colorado 3 years ago…

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Hi there, welcome to the website. Looks like you havent added a Ride yet. CoolFords has a Ride of the Month competition going on. You need to add your ride to the website, you should see a few links around the site to ‘Add Your Ride’. Be sure to add a ride description when creating your page and also upload some additional photos. Thats your best chance at wining the $100 in Turtle Wax products + CoolFords Shirt & decals.

good luck!