What ever happened to the Bronco?

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I was sitting here and I realized there is not a lot of talk about Broncos anymore.

I think they are awesome. It had power and space, what else do you need?

Yeah Broncos got a bad reputation after the whole OJ thing, but come on. That is no reason to stop making Broncos.

Does anyone out there know why Ford stopped making the Bronco?

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Other than the OJ issue, I don't think many people where buying Bronco's and they probably just wanted to change their direction with that style of truck. Now Ford has the Escape and the Flex which are for the younger crowed, which I think what the Bronco was intended for. I'm glad they got rid of the gas guzzling truck and have brought something fresh to the table.

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Ford replaced the Bronco in 1997 with the Expedition. My guess is that Ford's marketing research showed people were looking for a larger vehicle that could carry a 3rd row of passengers and/or more cargo. I think they were trying to compete with the Yukon/Suburban.

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Glad theres some talk about broncos, Theyve gotta be my favorite vehicle in the world. Roomy, Powerful, just plain fun to drive. isnt that what a vehicles supposed to be?