Too Small Cup Holders

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Despite the fact that fast food cups have been designed to fit in holders, bottles of beverages still are either too small and slide about and fling out, or don't fit at all. Take Powerade (made by Coke). Its got a huge top and huge bottom with a grooved neck to hold onto when you're dripping sweat. Barely crams into my holder and the first highway ramp thats curved its in the passenger seat. Ugh.

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There is no way my cup holders could hold a Gatorade bottle unless its one of those slimline types, but that's about it. I don't tend to do fast food in my car that much but the coffee cups are what always get me.

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My car has different sized holders-two different sizes. One holds large plastic cups and the biggest holds extra large-the forty ounce cups. So we haven't found anything yet that won't fit somewhere.

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Ok, may sound like your privates will get frozen, but I use my legs! My car doesn't have a cup holder, and I wouldn't want one cause then you've got to reach for the cup and take your eyes off the road. If you have it in between your legs you're going to know where to reach! Who agrees with me?