Ford ECOnetic Range of Ultra Low CO2 Models

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I came across an article online that was written in 2007 regarding Ford of Europe. The article stated Ford of Europe was offering an ECOnetic range of ultra low CO2 models in 2007. I had never heard of these and was wondering if anyone else had. I'm curious as to how these cars did overseas and if they might be offered in the US at anytime.


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I know that the Ford Focus ECOnetic was introduced late last year, and recently the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic premiered at the British International Motor Show in London last month, though it won't be on sale across Europe until later this year. I haven't heard anything about it being available in the US just yet, though.

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In many areas, not just cars, Europe seems a lot more open to trying things that will reduce their impact on the environment. I don't know why that is but it does appear to be the case. A lot of things are introduced there before even beginning to break into the American market.

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Yes, Europe is more open to this kind of technology, I think because Europe doesn't deny that global climate change exists. Here in the US there are so many naysayers that no progress ever really gets made.