What do you think is the worst "factory color" to come out of Ford over the years?

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I think that one of the colors that bothered me most I remember seeing on a Taurus. It was a bluish purple color. I don't know what but something has always bothered me about that color. It just didn't look like it belonged on a car.

What do you think was a bad color choice at the factory level?

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Anything with pin stripes. Seriously pin stripes make me want to puke. They are just so irritating. I've actually purchased vehicles with crooked pin stripes from the dealership.

I'm not a fan of true kelly greens or crayon orange either.

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I can't stand the split pea soup green color – it's so ugly. Orange cars are ugly, so it pinks and purple shades. I guess I'm rather traditional when it comes to colors as I like black, red, blues and dark greens.

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I'm definitely with you on the colors. I would add in silver but definitely prefer the darker colors than any “pastel” or obnoxious colors. Looking at some of them just makes me feel like I'm going to lose my lunch! I just don't see how people can drive something like that.

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If it's not a Ford, walk!

I totally agree! That yellowish, green color is horrible! The orange color is awful too. I have to add one that no one would think is terrible except for me. The pearl coat makes every car it's on look dirty. No matter what you do it just looks dirty to me. I have a friend who has a Lincoln that is the pearl white color and it just always looks like it's got a film of dust on it.

If it's not a Ford, walk!

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My Dad had a yellow truck, we had to tease him about it, we called it his Big Canary. He did not like that, but teasing him was irrisistable. The only color I avoid on any car is white. It's too muddy where I live to clean it all the time.

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I don't know the name of the color. But, when I was a kid, my dad drove a Maverick. It was either orange, or red, or both. Or, the red had faded to some orange hue. I'm not sure. I just remember thinking the car was ugly.

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I dont want to offend anyone but that guady greenish gold they are offering the last couple of years. Please dont take offense if you have that color…it may be your preference…some people hate white…thats why I have saphire blue, black raven, burgundy “redcabernet” and white. It depends what day it is…I happen to love DEEP COLORS I try to get the surfaces perfect to the naked eye. You can polish on silver all day long, it still looks the same. Be Well!


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i hate the off white they have on the edge and almost all that are on crown vics that isnt white black red or blue those off tones i hate