Do You Tow Behind?

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Do you tow trailers, boats, etc behind your ford? Do you have a truck, SUV or a sedan? I saw a VW beetle with a trailer behind it buying wood to redo a deck this weekend and it got me thinking about how many people assume you need a truck or SUV to tow something.

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We tow trailers for wood, brush, household furniture behind the Escape. Once you get an SUV everyone and their brother thinks you want to do errands with them so you can haul something. We don't actually own a trailer so we have to get up early to borrow one from a friend. Which has a broken lighting system. Rewiring it is on the list of winter chores.

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We have a medium-sized caged trailer that can be towed by any type of car installed with a tow bar. We use our 6-cyl sedan to tow and it comes in especially handy, though obviously we can't tow anything too heavy or go at normal speeds whilst towing otherwise it will cause unnecessary stress on the engine.

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I have only had to tow a couple of times in life and each time I can said it was done with a ford, even when someone is all “let me borrow your…” and I am helping out. I think we all tend to stick together that Ford tows best.

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I have towed a small caravan behind a normal Ford car in the past. It was an older car too-like, twenty years ago and it coped just fine so I would never have hesitation towing things with just a car.

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I did this a ton when I had a Tahoe but now not so much, a hitch doesn't really fit on the back of a car. :) I do miss going to the lake though.