What is the point of low riders?

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I see these a lot lately in my area. They're mostly kids (teens and early twenties) and predominantly male drivers. They are so low that they almost touch the ground and I've been wondering why I haven't seen more car parts lying in the street because of all the potholes this year. It's probably my age showing, but what is the point?

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They are a pretty comfortable ride all told, they tend to ride very smooth and if you like that kind of thing then its neat being so close to the road.

But I misunderstood when I read the topic title and expected that you'd be talking about jeans…

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Its just a different type of style that a good many people have nowadays, I guess my age is showing as well. A friend of mine has a lowrider Honda (don't ask as I really don't know), if he lowered it anymore it would be laying on the ground.

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I would imagine that you could adjust the suspension so that its not so bouncy that you hurt the undercarriage of the car. Otherwise you are right, you could have a lot of damage very quickly.

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Low riders, in my opinion, are associated with gangs. I don't like the low riders and I generally don't see them here where I live. Usually where I live, if you have a flashy car, it's either stolen or you are carjacked right away for it. I stay away from all the flash with my car.

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its a style and one can say the same with lifted trucks as well and i have a lowered ford ranger and becuse of the lowering kit it handle much better i have had it in turns 70 mph plus with eas

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They give the rest of us something to point and laugh at when they get stuck on speed bumps.

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speed bumps thats funny hate see"in fords air baged but a chevy lol can't hurt

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Lowrider would be incorrect terminology. These children prefer the word, slammed. They believe it to be a status symbol and believe all wheel gap between the tire and fender is blasphemy.