Cleaning Inside Cup Holders

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You know the ones that unfold for use in the back seat on the side of the center arm rest? Whats the best way to clean inside there when the neighbor's rugrat spills a shake inside?

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I'm not sure what design you are talking about as ours are nice and easy to clean. I'd start with a nice, soft, absorbent cloth that's dry to try and soak up the excess. Then use a damp one. A little solvent might help too-some rubbing alcohol.

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The ones we have tend to get gritty down in the creases. My hubby sometimes sprays Armor All right on them to loosen up the dirt. It also helps get rid of the sticky soda spills that our kids seem to have everytime they use the cup holders.



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We normally use Qtips to get inside the back behind where you can readily see. I think the long wood stick swabs doctors use might be nice but I'm not sure where you could buy your own. Maybe ask for some extras at your yearly physical?

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WD40 is supposedly excellent at loosening caked on dirt too, but I am not sure how greasy it would leave the inside of the holder. I would imagine though that its easier to clean the grease up than the caked on stuff in the corners.

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I break out the Qtips, they are awesome at tons of things, and a little water along with a lot of patience seems to do the trick. I have had this happen with “friends” before who swear they are always “careful” but now there is a no drinks rule in my car. :)

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Sounds like this question has been answered.