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Where do you go off roading? What are the regulations regarding private land-if you have a chunk of your own land are you able to use it as you please? Otherwise where do you find places to do this?

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Private land, whether residential or business coded is always mostly as use as you wish kind of thing. You don't even have to have a license to drive on private property with the owner's permission.

We normally offroad in a big 60 acre field after the last haying. In return we help with the manure spreading and such before winter.

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When I was a teen at home we went muddin in my cousins old green Ford pickup way out behind my house. We lived on a farm that was about 80 acres of bottom land and a few hillsides too. It was out in a woodsy area that already had some paths cleared do to the previous owners having timber cut there. Those sure were fun times!



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Many people I have talked to lately will say anywhere that the cops are not at. I know some people venture to the Dunes on the AZ/Cali boarder but thats as far as I know for legal places.

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Well, down here in Australia there's so much land we can go outback and do whatever we like. Most kids learn to drive on their parents farms at a young age and 4×4's are common vehicles used in the bush. It's a great feeling to be out on the road and thrash the old ute a bit!

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I went with my boyfriend on his grandparent's land. A whole bunch of us went up into the field and trails racing around. It's not hard for him to find a place since he has so many friends that live out in the woods of VA and WV.

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When I was a kid, there was a place called Brickyard Road that was the popular place for “mudding'” or “rootin'”. The Van Zant boys (Lynyrd Snynyrd, 38 Special) used to hang out there, and Johnny wrote a song about it. That was his biggest hit. They had to erect a big concrete pylon for a street sign because the regular street signs were disappearing with in days of being replaced. The county got fed up with it.

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There's a lot of farm land around here and if you are lucky enough to know the land owners then usually you can offroad there. Or if you belong to a hunt club that has several thousand acres that they can use, you can go there as well. Just don't get yourself arrested for trespassing where you're not supposed to be.