What is the difference?

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What is the difference between an SUV and a Crossover? Ford is coming out with the “Flex” and I noticed it said Crossover but it looks a lot like an SUV to me. Is there a difference? Is “crossover” just a kinder term for an SUV?

By the way, I like the looks of the Flex and that fact that it got a 5-Star safety rating!

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Crossover is a marketing term used to describe a vehicle that takes its design from both a car and an SUV or Minivan. They have been referred to as “wagons that look like an SUV but drive like a car” in the Wall Street Journal. The Ford Taurus X is another example of a Crossover vehicle. Basically they are a sporty looking station wagon.



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I have driven a couple and they are pretty nice to drive and handle for me better than a full size SUV does but I still don't think I would get one for personal use. I really don't have a need for either.

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I would imagine that part of the issue would be in the frame. Since technically an SUV has a truck frame, I would assume that a crossover cannot truly have that.

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Exactly a crossover is built on a car frame but with more mini-van or SUV tendencies that move it away from your mom's boring old station wagon. They tend to be patterned closely to a compact sedan, a full sized sedan/minivan or hatchback/wagon. There's a rather nice list on wikipedia.


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Thanks for clearing this up. It makes perfect sense to me now that I understand it is essentially an SUV or Wagon built on a regular car frame. Is the mileage on these any better on these than a “normal” SUV?

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crossovers also are not off road ready my mom used to own and edge and now is a proud owner of a Flex very nice car