Proper air pressure saves gas

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My mechanic told me that I should be checking tire pressure weekly and also whenever it was a particularly hot or cold day. Apparently tire pressure can fluctuate quite a bit with temperature changes and when the pressure is not within the optimal range, you use more gas. These days we need to save every bit that we can so I thought I'd pass this one in case someone else didn't know.

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I check my tire pressure every time I put in gas as well as anytime I feel the temperature is so hot or cold I need to use the AC or heat. I bought a nice digital pressure reader to make it quick and easy compared to the manual ones which never seem to work well.

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The car person you spoke with is correct and its one of the first things they told us years ago in driving school. I think many people don't realize how something unbalanced can really effect things until its broken down and noted more than once.

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I know that I SHOULD do this, but I next to never do. How much of a difference does it make? I always seem to be filling up on the run, and I wouldn't tend to think about it any other time.