Starter Remote Replacement

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I've got a nice car starter that came installed on my car when I got it but the remote is broken and the company is no longer in business (it was sold and merged) but is still being made and sold at electronics stores. They don't really sell just the remote and when I can find them they are super expensive. Does anyone have a cheap place to buy replacement remotes without spending more than a new install?

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I don't know of any I'm afraid. Maybe Ebay would be best, as you could buy one and have it re-programmed. The system I had installed cost just $200 so I can't see that they can get away with charging the earth just for the remote.

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When I had to replace my car starter remote, we got one from They not only have remotes on their website but they also have links to several other sites for you to search for what you're looking for.

Here is the link for the site:…nwylf--.html



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Why can't you find a starter off some car from a junk yard?

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I would want to know why the merged company is no longer issuing repairs/replacements however they are still selling the very same product. i think I would call and complain.