Alignment Problem

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I've a 2005 Ford Focus and have had to have the wheels realigned twice so far this year. It was fine till this year, and hasn't been involved in an accident. My husband has started driving it though.

Should I ban him from driving it?!

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What kind of driving does he do? What shape are the roads in where he is driving? If he has to go over a lot of potholes or cruddy roads then I can see how this can happen.

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Do other cars in his past have this same issue? If the answer is yes then you need to send him to driving school! I am thinking its more driver than car if its happened more than once. How old is he and the car?

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I'd definitely look into all the variables. Have there been new potholes one one side of the road that weren't there before? What did the garage say when they did the first alignment? Was it within specs? Does he need to drive your car?