Quick Lane Tire and Lube Centers

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Is there anyone out there who has ever used the Quick Lane Tire and Lube Centers? I was not aware of the fact that these are run by Ford. There is nothing in the advertising that suggests that they are run by Ford. They work on all makes and models of cars. The only indication that they are affiliated with Ford at all is that they are located in or near a Ford dealership. I am going to see if we have one in our Ford dealership. Seems to me it would be a logical place to take a Ford for work if you were not able to do the work yourself.


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Are these only located in your area because I don't think I have ever seen them in mine before. I try and stay with my own mechanic if I can since he can work on fords which I like and Chevy's which my other half likes.

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Yeah… Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center is owned by, and is a registered trademark of, Ford Motor Company, although they do service any make or model.