Looking for affordable tv

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With the 2009 switch to digital looming, im looking for a new tv. HD a must but i dont know whether to go LCD or Plasma. Any thoughts? Recomendations?

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I am fully stuck on this one as well. Last weekend I spent the entire day going around to local places, checking out their TV's and asking questions. No matter what I looked at, one always looked like crap so after three hours or so I gave up and went home.

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If you are going big (40 inches and up), go plasma. Plasma does a much better job reproducing fast motion. The larger the screen, the better. For a smaller screen, go with LCD. They perform better in smaller environments (bedrooms) or brightly lit areas (kitchen or bathroom).

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Well so far for us here we have not had the issue of needing the switch box for the “going digital not analog” stuff, but I am still looking for a new one myself. We want to take the big screen old Phillips and toss it in the bedroom and get maybe a plasma for the living area. No idea what to get though, are you still shopping?

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I brought a Plasma 106cm 2 years ago and it's great. Before that we had one of the out dated huge t.v's. The only thing I would've changed back then is brought a T.V with a digital set top box in it. To my recollection I didn't buy one with a built in box as it was too expensive. I find the quality great, and Panasonic is a good brand.