New York Auto Show 2012

Posted on Jun 07, 2012
New York Auto Show 2012
New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012

(New York, NY) - Once a year, the Auto Show comes to the Big Apple. Car companies prepare their best and newest innovative vehicles to show off to the public. That being said, this year was a very exciting year for The Ford Motor Company.

On April 6th, the show started out with a bang. Lincoln had a one of a kind custom 1934 model 40 that had been built for Edsel Ford. With a Mercury V8 that produced 100 horsepower and rivets holding it together. The attention to detail in this vehicle is amazing. It was a once in lifetime sight and started the show off on a great note.

With the introduction of The Ecoboost Engine last year it starts to make its way in to new models for the 2013 line up. One of the most exciting was the new Explorer Sport. It Boasted 350 horsepower and an aggressive exterior making it a top choice for 2013. Who doesn’t want a Fast Explorer? Ford is determined to make all of its Vehicles at the top of their class. This Ecoboost engine is proving to lead the way in both gas mileage and power. It makes a great addition to the Explorer.

The Taurus SHO gets a small make over most notably a new grill and taillights. The best improvement was bigger better brakes to handle the important job of stopping that twin turbo beast. To dress those new brakes are some new wheels. The SHO is an impressive car and a great way to leave the competition behind.

The 2013 Fusion got a totally sleek and stylish redesign but unfortunately the interior was locked at the show. It seems the Fusion will set the bar high for the mid-size class in 2013 with new optional technology like Lane-Keeping and Active Park Assist. The Fusion has a lot of high end options and refinements with a not so high end price. It will also have two Ecoboost engines to choose from the 1.6l and the 2.0l. The 2013 Escape was there in its new skin. With an updated redesign, added technology and innovative features it a great small SUV for 2013.

We have waited and waited for years for a Focus RS to come to our shores and while Ford didn’t deliver it, it did deliver the 2013 Focus ST. It has a heart ripping 2.0L Ecoboost engine with 252 horsepower and 270 Torque. It has aggressive styling to back up the punch of the Ecoboost. The suspension is upgraded and the interior styling is sporty and eye catching. It has upgraded brakes to give you a braking system that performs as well as the rest of the ST. Overall it is a great Focus that will be fun to drive without breaking the bank.

Talk about impressive displays, The SVT Raptor made its appearance in two pieces. The Body was separated from the frame showing all its great components that make the Raptor and off-road Warrior. Also The Boss was sideways so you could see its underbody and suspension parts. It showed off its body in Gotta Have it Green. What an impressive color that just wants to grab your attention and what better to show it off than on a 2013 Boss.

The 2013 Mustang will Sport a new Front End styled more toward the previous year’s Shelby GT500. Also it will have new headlights and taillights with HID standard. How do you make your mustang more fun? Add new features like Track Apps. These include Accelerometer, Acceleration times, Automatic start and countdown start, and Brake performance. Now you have a reason to do 0-100 for the sole reason your car can tell you how fast you did it.

The GT500 definitely takes the cake at the New York Auto Show. When we talk about performance we will talk about the 2013 GT500 forever changing history. With the World’s Most Powerful Production V8 under the hood it becomes the most powerful Mustang Ever produced by Ford. With 650 horsepower and a top speed of 200mph+, the GT500 puts its competition to shame and will leave everything in your smoke cloud. The best part is No Gas guzzler tax. The GT500 with also be offered with a SVT Track and Performance pack to make it an even more of a force to be reckoned with.

The 2013 New York Auto Show was as big and impressive as the Apple itself. Ford Came, Saw, and Conquered the show this year bringing something for everyone. Putting the competition to shame with its innovative ideas, eye catching styling with a sporty edge, and Ecoboost engines which give you the power you want without having to stop at a gas station every ten minutes. Whether it is a sleek and stylish Fusion or a heart romping GT500 Ford is leading the way in 2013.



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New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012 New York Auto Show 2012