Fan Appreciation - Patrick Krupa

Posted on Apr 27, 2012
Fan Appreciation - Patrick Krupa

Loyal fans already know that CoolFords LOVES our fans and subscribers! We love you guys so much, that we are continuously showing you off to the rest of the world! This time around we caught up with Patrick Krupa of Detriot, MI. and we asked him a few questions, some of which were completely random.

You may have seen Patricks name a few times on our homepage for his photo coverage from auto shows and racing events. We've also featured some of his work on our Facebook fan page. We appreciate Patrick's photography talents and for his continued coverage at major automotive events.

CF - What is your name and what do you do?

Patrick - My name is Patrick Krupa and I'm from the metro-Detroit suburbs. I'm a student dual enrolled at Henry Ford Community College for Electrical Tech Engineering, Pre-Engineering and University of Toledo for Electrical Engineering. I consider myself as a freelance photographer for local newspapers.

Fan Appreciation - Patrick Krupa

CF - How did you find CoolFords?

Patrick - was a sponsor during the Michigan Gumball Rally 2011 for Team # 96 Pony Boyz. I sent over a photo of a Mustang via Facebook and we been in contact ever since.

CF - What Ford Motor Company vehicle do you currently own or wish you could have?

Patrick - I recently picked up a 1998 Ford Ranger with a 3.0L V6 as a work truck for hauling. Wish list: The 2012 Ford Shelby Super Snakes and 2013 Taurus are looking sharp.

CF - What made you interested in photography?

Patrick - My Grandfather was into photography back in his day. I look up to him and it carried over as I got into college. My freshmen year of college I had a couple friends that would shoot as a hobby and I randomly went out one day and bought a DSLR. Soon after, photography become a new lifestyle for me.

Fan Appreciation - Patrick Krupa

CF - Random question! If you were to meet the CEO of Ford, Alan Mullaly, what would you suggest as the next plan of action for Ford Motor Company?

Patrick -Go green but still keep the American muscle attitude.

CF - Would you rather go drifting with Ken Block in the Fiesta or drag racing in a Cobra Jet?

Patrick - Definitely drag racing in a Cobra Jet. Dare I say, drifting in a Cobra Jet?!

CF - If another one of our fans wanted to become a professional photographer, what is one good word of advice for them?

Patrick - Just keep shooting. Take your camera everywhere you go and connect with people. One of my little philosophies in life is: It's all about who you know and what you can do with what you know.

Fan Appreciation - Patrick Krupa

CF - You just won a brand new 2013 Mustang GT but can only choose between "Gotta Have it Green" and "School Bus Yellow" what would you take?

Patrick - Gotta Have it Green. I seen the electric green at the Detroit North American Auto Show and it made it to my top 3 color picks for the Mustang. Along with Grabber Blue and Performance White.

CF - What inspires your photography?

Patrick - Detroit. The city has been through tough times and has so much to offer from a photographers view point.

Thank you for your time, Patrick! Watch out, CoolFords fans, you may be next!

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