Fan Appreciation - Carole Chapman

Posted on Sep 17, 2012
Fan Appreciation - Carole Chapman

Here at we like to take a moment every once and awhile to appreciate our fans because without them CoolFords wouldn't even exist. Today we would like to appreciate Carole Chapman. We took the time to contact Carole and below is what Carole had to say.

CF: Tell everyone a little about yourself?

Carole: I'm a Bartender out in the woods just North of Pensacola Florida. I love cars, airplanes, Treasure Hunting at Flea Markets, Evel Knievel and my Pug, "Shortie".

Fan Appreciation - Carole Chapman

CF: What got you interested in Cars to begin with?

My Dad and I spent Saturdays together and we would always go to the Hobby Shop... he got me collecting Matchbox Cars at about 4 or 5 years old. Sadly lost most of them during Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

CF: What was your First Ford you owned? remember any growing up?

Carole: The first Ford that really sticks out in my Memory is my Best Friend Gina's 1976 Pinto, we had a cassette player and a CB so the world was ours!!!

CF: What Fords do you currently own? any modifications? got a nickname for it?

Carole: I have a 1963 Falcon Futura convertible. I named it Sissy, the reason her name is Sissy is: when I first got it I kept calling it a Muscle car and my boyfriend finally checked me on it and said, "Honey, that 170 is NOT a muscle car, it's a little Sissy Car and if you say that one more time I will call you a liar in front of your friends...." He was RIGHT, I named her Sissy for that reason My plate says SISSY 63.

Fan Appreciation - Carole Chapman

CF: Is the Falcon your daily driver?

Carole: I drive it every day possible!!

CF: Do you plan on selling it?

Carole: No plans of selling it EVER!

CF: Does the Falcon reflect your personality? If so or not explain how.

Carole: For SURE!! We are both comfortable, breezy, and fun. We both need a little body work and a new paint job but we still turn heads!!

CF: Tell us a little about how you got your Fords.

Carole: I noticed the grill of an old Ford Falcon sticking out from under a sheet in a barn at one of my customer's houses one day... asked him about it and he said, it's my wife's car and it's not for sale. Well... every time I went over there I would bug him about selling me that old Ford... no, no, no.

2 years later his wife called me and asked if I was serious about wanting that old Ford in the Barn, they were in a tight spot for a Bobcat payment so I jumped at the offer before she changed her mind. That was the day CAROLE bought her Falcon from SHELBY. I didn't know it was a convertible until the day before I bought it, what a great surprise that was!

CF: What are your future plans for your Fords? upgrades, modifications, etc, etc.

Carole: When I get a GIANT tip from a customer or win the Lotto I will restore her back to original... until that miracle happens it's just regular daily maintenance and a long Wish List!

Fan Appreciation - Carole Chapman

CF: Got a favorite story or stories about your Falcon or any other Fords you have owned?

Carole: I just love the way it makes people HAPPY... lots of SMILES and honks and waves from everyone... the Lashes are a HUGE hit, wish I would have thought of them!!!

CF: Are you apart of any Ford or Falcon clubs?

Carole: We have a little Falcon chapter here but not too many of us around so I stay active with the Gulf Coast Mustang Club to keep up with local stuff. They respect their Mustang's Elder.

CF: What’s your favorite Ford vehicle of all-time and why?

Carole: My Falcon! I love it. We make a great pair!!

CF: Do you attend any Car Shows?

Carole: I do little local Charity events but I bought it to DRIVE it, not sit in a lawn chair next to it on a pretty day... not a Trophy Chaser and I'm not an expert by any self respecting Gear-head's standards!!!!

CF: Why do you like CoolFords?

Carole: I love the mix of Past-Present-Future on, always something new and I always get to learn new stuff about my old stuff!! and Brent and Tom and the rest of the CoolFords staff are just the most brilliant guys ever!

Fan Appreciation - Carole Chapman



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