2015 Ford Mustang leaked in Autoweek

Posted: 19 weeks 3 days ago
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We already knew Ford probably couldn't keep its 2015 Mustang under wraps for too long, and with only days to go before the pony car's official unveiling, it appears the car has escaped the stable. SVTPerformance.com member Screamin 40th just posted some images taken of the sixth generation Mustang prominently featured in and on the cover of the December 9th issue of Autoweek magazine.

These new leaked images show that recent renderings we saw weren't too far off from reality. The face is just like what we saw in spy shots a few months back, but the rear of the car features some of its more striking cues. Starting with the pronounced haunches and hidden B-pillars, the rear view of the new Mustang might be its best with the ridged, three-bar taillights, a rear diffuser and the lack of a faux gas cap, which allows the galloping pony to be an even more prominent element against the black trim. The images also reveal a small portion of the updated interior carrying over retro themes like the deep-dish steering wheel and dual-gauge instrument cluster, but it also adds some modern tech with a big MyFord Touch display with a clean center stack layout.

No official word on powertrain or other specs, but while we can't make out most of the magazine's text, our eyes did catch the mention of a “2.3 Performance Pack” suggesting that the rumored 2.3 turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder will be available. In terms of performance, the Mustang GT will still offer the 5.0 V8, and the article reads that the 2015 GT with the Performance package will actually be faster on the track than the Boss 302. Some other interesting tidbits about the new Mustang are the standard push-button starter, the availability of adaptive cruise control, an independent rear suspension, a 200-pound weight reduction (that at least somewhat will be afforded by using aluminum front fenders) and a wheelbase that measures the same 107.1 inches as the current design.

As the Mustang looks to go global, Ford expects about 10 percent of this car's volume to come from outside the US and Canada, and it appears that the only change for its role in One Ford is that the LED taillights will not be offered with a sequential turn signal outside of North America.


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