Ford F-250 Photo Shoot

Posted: 37 weeks 3 days ago
Dsc 4151
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This 2010 Ford F-250 6.4L V8 Diesel had started out with the normal power of Turbo Diesel V8 was 350HP and 650 Lb-ft of torque and this one has 681 WHP and 1326 Lb-ft of Torque.. This is a beautiful truck I found in Colorado for a shoot one day. This truck has a long list of modifications. It was a beast and sounded amazing!

This truck is amazing and Justin was originally a GMC owner. But he could never get over how nice Fords are and always wanted one and does agree this is much better. He enjoys the Ford family and is buying a F450 soon!

Justin's F-250 6.4L V8 Turbo-Diesel modifications includes:

  • Elite Diesel 71mm Turbo
  • 5" Exhaust
  • AFT Intake
  • AMP Steps
  • OUO Traction blocks
  • Icon 2.5 leveling kit
  • Icon 2.5 Resivor
  • Shocks
  • HIDS
  • Custom Tune
  • Fuel Nutz 20×10 2 Peace Wheels

Pictures/ Article by Brett Levin


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