CoolFords 30K Facebook Fans Contest

Posted: 1 year 33 weeks ago
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We just hit 30,000 Facebook fans on our CoolFords Fan Page!!! Now it's time to celebrate with a contest. We will be giving away 10 CoolFords decals over the next 10 days. So how can you win a prize? It is really simple and the contest is open to everyone.

All you need to do is: 1) Add Your Ride to our website on, 2) upload a couple pretty pictures of your Ford, 3) then copy the URL of your CoolFords ride page and paste it on our wall with the saying: “CoolFords 30K Fan Contest”, Thats it! Good Luck!


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Skilz's picture
09/01/2012 - 4:04am

I hope I win. :D

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