FFF2012 - Broncos & Trucks

Posted: 1 year 51 weeks ago
Fff2012 broncos 01
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(Buena Park, CA) – For those not afraid of heights, we have photos of Broncos, F150s and even higher trucks. As mentioned before in our previous article, the 27th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever (FFF) show in Buena Park is big! How big? Just about 1,900 Fords rolled into the parking lot of Knott's Berry farm and it was heaven for Ford owners.

Its only fitting that most of the off-road trucks and Broncos were parked in the grass and off the pavement. Well there were a few speedy F150 Lightnings parked on the pavement buts that's okay with us. Below are pics from the different areas.

Stay tuned for more coverage.


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