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Posted: 2 years 4 weeks ago
Frankie wilson
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Every now and again we like to take moment to appreciate our fans because without them CoolFords wouldn't even exist. Today we would like to appreciate Frankie Wilson of New Jersey.

Frankie is a promoter and definitely has a knack for getting the word out. You may have seen a number of his comments throughout the website bringing attention to his 1994 Ford Thunderbird "Blackout". He also has cool photoshop skillz, just take a look at some of the photos he posted.

CF: Tell us about yourself and how you became a Ford enthusiast?

FRANKIE: First off i want to thank everyone at CoolFords for picking me well... Whats up everyone my name is Frankie and im 26 years old i live in New Jersey i drive a 1994 Ford Thunderbird SC 5 speed and i have bin into cars my whole life my grandpa used to drive a moss green 1964 ford mustang with a black convertable top he got my dad into cars when he was a kid then my dad got me into them also so its like a family thing my grandpa used to race but not against people it was against the clock he stopped doing that before i was born but i saw trophies he used to win my dad used to always bring me to car races all over the seas coast when i first got my licencs i bought a Nissan 240sx and started street racing asap my licence suspended a few times then sold the car and bought my first Ford it was a ThunderbirdSC automatic ever since i got that first Thunderbird thats all i wanted they are so nice i got sick of the automatic and found the 5 speed i have now i can go on and on forever but yeah cars have bin in my family for ever so i guess thats how i because a Ford enthusiast

CF: Any automotive clubs you belong to?

FRANKIE: At the moment no, But i would like to join one in the future a few of my friends are in clubs

CF: Tell us about your experience of how you came to own your Ford?

FRANKIE: Well i was driving home from work one day and out of nowhere i saw this Thunderbird for sale on the side of the road so i pulled over and looked at it it looked nice so i called the number on the window and had them come out to the car and talk it over with them long story short after about 2 - 4 days we came to a price for the car and i took it

CF: Current modifications done, and future plans?

FRANKIE: So far all i done to it was put a system in it got the windows tinted 20% put blue LED's inside of it and a new exhaust in the future i know i wanna start putting money under the hood dont we all haha well if anyone wants to keep up to date on all my modifications add me as a friend -

CF: How you came across CoolFords and what you like about it?

FRANKIE: Facebook, and its awesome!

CF: Do you race or just enjoy watching it as a sport?

FRANKIE: legally no on the streets yes. Any kind of car racing i will sit and watch its all fun

CF: How often do you race?

FRANKIE: Well i used to race every weekend at this place i cant talk about but it was dope at first then it just started to get lame the cops were coming after every 4 - 5 races i spent more time running from the police then racing so i stopped going to that spot i have bin trying to find a new place to go to ever since alot of the places are all hype and when u show up no one race and everyone talking about how fast there car is but wont pull it out on the street or say its not running rite tonight.... RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG!!

CF: How do you overcome nervousness before a race?

FRANKIE: I just thing about WINNING

CF: Do you attend many car shows?

FRANKIE: i try to go to as many as possible they are awesome just to name a few i bin to Hot Import Nights, Funkmaster Flex Car & Bike Show, NOPI and many more

CF: If you can bring back a discontinued Ford which one would it be?

FRANKIE: Thunderbird hands down but not that one they already tried to bring back something more sporty looking would be awesome



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03/24/2012 - 10:06pm

Came out awesome!

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